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Naughty Dog waved The Last of Us 2 under our noses in September and we didn't notice

Cast your mind way back to September. Way, way, back. [Wobbly harp music plays]. 

Good. In September, Naughty Dog celebrated Outbreak Day, the fictional date it all went wrong in The Last of Us. As well as a few deals, DLC offerings, merch and other game related bits, there was this poster: 

Look familiar? That's because it's basically Ellie's new tattoo from The Last Of Us 2, which wasn't a thing then. Naughty Dog literally showed us something from the game and we had no idea. 

It also shows the tattoo is actually functional - it's hiding Ellie's bite, clearly something that would be problematic in a world where bites mean painful zombification and eventually dying as a mushroom. 

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Naughty Dog has made it clear it uses all manner of deceit and lies while marketing its games. Things like having the viral outbreak mentioned on a newspaper front in Uncharted 3, or editing a TLOU trailer in a way that suggested a certain ending (Ellie shooting an infected Joel). 

Basically, watch that studio like a hawk from here on in, and double check everything it does or says. In the meantime check out The Last Of Us 2's biggest fan theories to see what people are piecing together from what little we know. 

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