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Nacho Libre clips online

Almost time to talc-up and slip into that spandex – Nacho Libre hits UK cinemas screens on 11 August and with energy ball Jack Black playing lead in a Jared Hess flick, you can safely bet on it casually crossing the boundaries of bizarre every now and then.

As we previously told you, the tale follows a cook from a Mexican monastery (Black) who takes to the wrestling ring to save the orphanage he grew up in.

Hess scribbled the script along with his missus, Jerusha. The husband and wife team previously shared a typewriter to turn out Jared’s 2004 cult hit Napoleon Dynamite.

IESB have got their hands on some cracking clips straight from Paramount – the best being Nacho testing himself against a mighty bull and coming off a little worse.

Click here for the clips.

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