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Murdered: Soul Suspect ghost stories guide

The Stalwart Spectre 

1: In the washroom on the first floor, look in the right-most stall to see this rifle on the ground.

2: In the office between the jail cell hallways, you can find this rifle on the left side next to the water cooler.

3: To the left of the jail cells are the holding cells. Go to the end of the hall there and the rifle will be beside a chair.

4: In the office at the main entrance to the police station, look behind the glass and you’ll see the rifle to the right of the office area against the wall.

5: Go up the stairs behind the main entrance to the police station, and when you reach the top look for this rifle behind the pillar to the left.

6: Just after the previous rifle, go into the next hallway and make a left to find this room with the black board in the corner. Behind the blackboard will be the rifle.

7: Just outside Ronan’s office, you can find this rifle to the left of the door.

8: For this final rifle, enter Ronan’s office and go through to the back room. Look on the ground in front of the window to find it.

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