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Muramasa: Rebirth PS Vita update coming

Muramasa: The Demon Blade's colorful, hand-drawn visuals enchanted us when they graced the standard-definition Wii, and not only Japanese gamers will soon be able to enjoy them on the PlayStation Vita's vibrant screen. Aksys Games is "fully relocalizing" Muramasa: Rebirth for release in English-speaking countries.

The stories of Momohime and Kisuke will begin anew with enhanced controls for the handheld system, and four extra character stories will be available for purchase as downloadable content. Muramasa: Rebirth will retain its original Japanese dialogue with text translated and edited by Aksys.

Aksys gave no indication of a release date other than "soon," though its pre-order listing on Amazon says it will be out on June 25. The Japanese version is set for release on March 28.

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