Monday Link-A-Mania: UPDATED

Legal victory for Superman heirs
The family of Superman co-creator Jerome Siegel are in for a major pay day, after a US court ruled that they still have a stake in rights to the character, despite their being sold 71 years ago. According to Variety , the heirs to the Siegel fortune are entitled to a share of the profits from Superman projects made since 1999 - meaning Warner will have to pay out on Superman Returns and any future Man of Steel movies.

Stoker Awards Winners Announced
Sarah Langan's The Missing was named Best Novel at this year's Bram Stoker Awards, presented by the Horror Writers Association for the finest horror writing of the year. Joe "son of Stephen King" Hill's Heart-Shaped Box won Best First Novel. You can read a full list of winners at Sci Fi Wire .

New Doctor Who Show on BBC7
Outpost Gallifrey reports that radio network BBC7 is getting its own slice of the Who action, with new weekly series Doctor Who: The Commentaries. The show (set to start a day after series four on Sunday 6 April) will recap what's going on in the show (Outpost Gallifrey speculates it might be like the Heroes show BBC7 made last year). Episode one will be hosted by David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

Knocked Down a Pegg or Two has a round-up of the Star Trek comments Simon "Scotty" Pegg has made during his US press tour for Run, Fatboy, Run. No plot spoilers - "The minute I open my mouth a bullet will come through that window," he admits - but he does deliver a perfect putdown to an LA Times journo.

New Indy TV spot
The official Indiana Jones site has a new TV spot for ...and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Most of it appears in the trailer, but there's a new exchange between Dr Jones and Mutt at the beginning.