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Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package strategy guide

Earlier this weekwe told youthat the new Modern Warfare 2 DLC mapsare overpriced and indicative of ugly-cash-grabbing policies by Activision. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten. But if you're a dedicated MW2 player, you bought them anyway (like we did), and now that you own them, you'll want to know how to own them.After hours of playing, and observing other players (who are better than us), this is what we learned.

Note: We've intentionally left out Crash and Overgrown, as most who care probably played the hell out of them in CoD 4, and already know all of their quirks.


Bailout isn't as big as it seems, and you're going to be under fire from every direction. We recommend an assault rifle, with or without a scope (we like using the thermal scope on this one), and a shotgun or pistol. Snipers also work, but you'll have keep on the move.

If you spawn by the swimming pool, you'll see a little half wall just a few feet away, and beyond it, a white truck.Maybe it's adesign error, but this white truck is your best friend.Your enemy's spawn is just behind it, and most of them will inevitably run toward it.

So, if you're using a scoped weapon, a noob tube, or anything that has some range, look at that white truck and wait.

In a few matches we were able to earn early, easy kill streaks by focusing our attention on the stupid white truck.It seriously works. Justkeep in mind that you're within their'nade range as well.

If, instead of running toward the truck, you go toward the left, you'll see this. Be careful!

The large room with the staircase is alively hot spot. There will be people moving up and down the stairs, and hidingin the corners of the room. The arcade machines are a particularily nice, dark place to camp when you're defending.

If you're feeling extra sneaky, the railing on the stairs can be used to jump onto the roof through the blown-out windows. It is tricky (we couldn't do it), but it's a superb defensive position if you can get there.

Up the stairs is a walkway. You don't want to be on this walkway unless you absolutely have to. It will be grenade spammed, and you will be attacked from thefront, back, and side.

If you cross over to the other side of the map, however, you'll find a building with much safer balconies. From there, you can see the central road, and see across to the other walkway.

It's a nice place for doing this:

If you're playing an objective-based mode, you'll need to practice the art ofnot being seen while you defend. Use the shrubs to your advantage, like this guy.

Of course, we were using our thermal scope to our advantage.

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