Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package strategy guide

Storm is a very balanced map. The central warehouse is a definitehot spot, but every area on the map gets play, and nowhere is safe. Use a weapon with decent range, and be prepared to take on multiple enemies at once - people tend to bunch up.

Fourof the most important areas are thewater tower, the mannequin building, the warehouse, and the crates. North of the crates are more buildings, which aren't pictured in this Predator Missile view.

The water tower, mannequin building, and the area between them are almost always packed, so keep that in mind when using kill streak rewards, and try to avoid running between them.

Thewater toweris more defensible than the mannequin building, but it's far from safe, and will be grenade spammed, and attacked from the crates.

Above: There's no way

Above: Nuh-uh

Above: For seriously?

Above: Shit

If you end up inthe mannequin building, do yourself a favor by crouching and blending in. It's a very dark building, so you'll often be missed.

Above: No one here but us inanimate objects

Above: He didn't see me

Near thewater toweris a crate maze. You can use these conveniently-stacked pallets to get on top of them.

The crates are agood place to be- you can catch people coming out of the warehouse (the door on the left), as well as anyone trying to walk up the stairs to the water tower.

Just be careful - behind the crates is a metal building which overlooks them.

From its windows you can defend against attacks from the crates, and pick off anyone sniping on the water tower building (see the brick back there behind the crates?).

The map's centerpiece, the warehouse (or... whatever it is), is a rough place to be. It has multiple entrances, and overlooking walkwayswhich are always teeming with activity.

This corner offers some protection, and you can catch people running through the door while still covering the objective in the center.

Wescored our longest kill streak on the map by starting at the water tower and taking out a few enemies using a thermal scoped SCAR-H. We then ran into the warehouse and used our SPAS to down a couple more guys. Instead of pushing our luck by staying in the warehouse, we ran back out and jumped onto the crates. We could hide long enough there to use our kill streak rewards.

Note that the roof of the warehouse isn't solid, so it's not a bad place to target bombers if it's packed. Also look between the water tower and mannequin building, as that area is often full of activity.

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