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Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops guide



The mission: Breach rooms and rescue hostages on a Russian oil rig from campaign level The Only Easy Day… Was Yesterday.
Veteran conditions: Sharper enemies and increased damage.
How to do it: By being really fast or, more like, by doing it over and over again. The mission breaks down into two main sections – slow-motion breach and clear moments with hostages to rescue, and horribly sturdy firefights in the dark against concealed enemies. The hostage rooms require sharp shooting and accuracy – there’s only really time for headshot kills – and the climactic one is the hardest. Practice is the only answer. For the in-between bits – use a flash bang every time you turn a corner, fire your M4’s grenades at groups of spawning enemies at the start of every encounter, and both you and your buddy should grab thermal sight weapons before the smoked-out assault near the end. Good luck.

High Explosive

The mission: Kill ten juggernauts in the cruel murderpool that is the town of Favela.
Veteran conditions: Sharper enemies and increased damage.
How to do it: This level is basically impossible. Or at least it would be if there were not just one but two glitchy ways of smashing it to bits. The first and more complicated way is for you and your partner to rush to a house on the right side of the map, with one of you hidden inside and the other blocking the doorway. When the juggernaut come's he’ll shoot the doorway guy (who then slashes at him from the floor) but won’t be able to get to the other, who heals his mate. The better way, though, is to use the Thumper grenade launcher you start with. From the start, run to the right. Keep running, even when you get a warning message about leaving the fight. You’ll find some stairs and a cul-de-sac. When you lure them in, the juggernauts get stuck at the top of the stairs every time, allowing you to blow them to bits. Lure, kerpow, repeat. It’s a dirty trick, but it works.

Armor Piercing

The mission: Kill 15 juggernauts on the oil rig.
Veteran conditions: Sharper enemies and increased damage.
How to do it: The ‘blocking a doorway’ exploit works here too, although you’ll need some serious skill in the first place to get it set up. Grab Barretts from the start position, and get ready to make a dash for the helipad at the top of the oil rig. You’ll probably run into three or four juggernauts on your way – either snipe them from range, or daze them with a flash bang and no scope their big white asses. Once you’re upstairs head to the northwest corner of the rig. Go through a couple of office rooms and you’ll find a dead end with a single doorway. Tada! Plug the doorway with you or your partner’s body, then wait for the juggernauts to arrive and stab/revive your way to victory.

Dec 21, 2009

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