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Minecraft's The Wild Update is coming next year

A snapshot of a stunning sunset shows off the new Wild Update
(Image credit: Mojang / Microsoft)

Minecraft's next major update will be called The Wild Update, and it's coming next year.

Announcing the news at today's Minecraft Live event, developer Mojang confirmed this will also include the delayed Deep Dark Biome – yes, the underworld Biome that boasts the pure nightmare fuel-esque Wardens – which had initially been slated to released alongside the second Caves & Cliffs update (and we're not yet clear on when that's meant to drop, either, I'm afraid). 

Here's a detailed peek at what's coming up, including information about the Overworld's rich biomes, including mud and mangrove swamps, frogs and tadpoles, as well as boats with chests:

"Mud blocks and mangroves! Frogs and tadpoles! Chests in boats! The deep dark! The warden! The warden? The warden!!! Eeeek! The Wild Update is coming in 2022, making the swamps swampier, the dark darker, and the outdoors greater than ever," teases the video description accompanying the new teaser. 

ICYMI, Minecraft is (finally) coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC next month. The Minecraft PC bundle includes both the Java and Bedrock versions, and will – "for the first time ever" – offer both editions in the same game launcher when the games join the Game Pass library on November 2, 2021. 

This means that PC players can finally join their console-flavored friends on Game Pass, as Mojang's fan-favorite sandbox adventure game has been available as part of the consoles' game pass library for some time now. 

And in case you wondered what the differences between the editions are; Java edition is the best version to experiment with mods, whilst the Bedrock edition is for those who want to play with pals on other platforms and consoles. 

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