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Michael Giacchino will return to score Star Trek 2

Thanks to, well, Thanksgiving, one could say that film news has slowed down to a minuscule drip this weekend.

Or, you could use the overindulgence in roast turkey and all the trimmings to appreciate the kind of news that might have been swept under the carpet on busier days.

News like the fact Michael Giacchino will return to compose the music for Star Trek 2 , having done a bang-up job first time round.

Speaking to ComingSoon , Giacchino confirmed, "Yes, I'll be back… I'll be there as soon as they finish it."

Oscar-winner Giacchino has flourished the baton for some of the most memorable movie scores of recent years, including The Incredibles , Ratatouille , Let Me In , and Up (for which he took home the Academy Award).

Star Trek 2 will be warping into cinemas on 17 May 2013.