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Feel like a true hero with the best Marvel merchandise money can buy

The Punisher backpack

What better, more subtle way to tell the world that you’re a Punisher fan than popping this on your back? It’s a classier method of showing your fandom than just ripping off his t-shirt design and you can store stuff in it to boot. With padded adjustable straps and plenty of space for books/cosplay/video game consoles, it’s perfect for staying out of trouble. No revenge necessary.

Buy it UK: £26.99 from Amazon
Buy it US:
$39.99 from Amazon

Captain America Shield

Because you need an actual shield worthy of the Cap himself. The only important choice you’ll have to make is whether you go for the $100/£100 plastic version or splash out on the aluminium alloy at an eye-watering $400/£350. Whichever version you go for, there’s two adjustable straps to make sure you can hold it in just the right heroic stance. Just don’t go testing it with cars/bullets/Bucky and you should be ok.

Buy it UK: £124.97 from Amazon
Buy it US:
$199.98 from Amazon 

Avengers Monopoly

If you think this is any safer than the shield, you’re not playing family Monopoly right and might actually need cosplay weaponry to survive a full game. Unlike the traditional square board of London properties, the Avengers versions lets you play as the titular heroes on their way around a positively futuristic round board - easy, tiger - trading in power. Don’t worry, fearers of change, the Go to Jail tile looks exactly the same. You can cling to that in this bold new heroic world. Be brave.

Buy it UK:  £18.95 from Amazon
Buy it US:
$25.99 from Amazon 

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 

There hasn’t been an official movie tie game in for anything in the MCU for years and why should there be when TT Games develops such gorgeous Lego adventures? Its latest Marvel release lets you play as every hero you’ve ever heard of and more than a few that you definitely haven’t, as you quest to save the Earth once again. There is nothing as joyous as flying over a perfectly bricky New York, knowing that you can drop down and destroy whatever you can get your bricky hands on. Smart humour and great puzzles combine to make a game you don’t even need to use kids as an excuse to buy.

Buy it UK:  £23.62 from Amazon
Buy it US:
$17.22 from Amazon 

Deadpool: Drawing the Merc with a Mouth: Three Decades of Amazing Marvel Comics Art 

He might only have one movie down and another in the pipeline in the shape of Deadpool 2  but Wade Wilson has actually been around for over twenty years. The creation of Rob Liefield and Fabian Nicieza, Deadpool has been terrorising the Marvel universe for decades and this hardback book is packed with art showing his evolution over the years. Time to settle down with a chimichanga or six and prepare for some fourth wall breaking art and trivia. 

Buy it UK:  £22.75 from Amazon
Buy it US:
$28.83 from Amazon 

Play Arts Kai Venom figure 

You need to own at least one ridiculously expensive Play Arts Kai figure and if any, it should really be this Marvel Universe Venom. Complete with hideous tongue and horrific webbed hands, he’s definitely a talking point when you inevitably give him pride of place on your mantlepiece. He’s definitely a face only a mother (and someone who spent over $100/£100 on a plastic figure) could love.

Buy it UK:  £105.60 from Amazon
Buy it US:
$78.89 from Amazon

Marvel Lenticular Coasters

Protect your coffee table from villainous pollutants with these lenticular Avengers coasters. With 8 in the pack, you can breathe easy that you can fully defend your surfaces from the threat of mug rings and various other moisture induced disasters. If the protection wasn’t enough, they’ve even got a 3D effect to really confuse you about where to put that wine glass after you’ve had a few. 

Buy it UK:  £6.47 from Amazon
Buy it US:
$20.23 from Amazon 

Marvel Art Deco Iron Man poster 

Who says that comic posters can’t be classy? This slick art deco Iron Man poster makes Tony look wonderfully stylish as he soars through the minimalist angular skies. Ideal for popping into a frame with an impressive size of 24 x 36 inches, this will make any wall look significantly better and, unlike many of the other canvases available, won’t make you room look like it belongs to a ten-year-old. A victory all round. 

Buy it UK/US: £9.99/$12.84 from I Want One Of Those

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