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"Make her playable": Check out these Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer reactions

The second trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 gave people a lot to talk about: a new main character who seems to revel in the scoundrel life, a train heist, some understated connections to the first game, and more. Generally speaking, people are pretty excited and the fan theories are already beginning to take shape, though there are some concerns brewing too. Take a look at what the internet thinks so far. 

Most folks seem pretty excited

Me, I just love train heists. Give me a dedicated "train heist" mission type and I'll be a happy cowpoke forever. 

There's still reason to temper your hype

The original Red Dead Redemption remains a console exclusive to this day. It looks like Red Dead Redemption 2 will follow suit, at least at launch.

Will there be a character switcheroo?

Rockstar's never done a big, open-world game with a woman protagonist before (unless you count the player-made avatars of GTA Online). It would be pretty cool for the studio to buck that trend with Red Dead Redemption 2, whether via multiple characters like GTA 5 or a full on switch over. 

 Here's what we're all really thinking 

That's just a sampling of all the discussion out there - and there's bound to be plenty more by the time Red Dead Redemption 2's spring 2018 release window rolls around. 

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