Lost currently in translation

It's official: the unbridled success of prime-time TV show Lost is slated to spread to consoles, handhelds, andWindows in 2007. No longer will we only be able to interact with the bizarre tribulations of our favorite mysterious island-dwellers (sorry, Survivor) by muddling about the Lost websites. Attempting to capture the multifaceted, character-driven plot of the television show, developer Ubisoft Montreal is looking forward to the challenging task of adapting it to the video game format.

No details have been released on what kind of actual gameplay we can expect from Lost, so it looks like this game is already living up to its nebulous namesake. Until we can pry more information out of Ubisoft, won't you join us in fantasizing about putting a bunch of bullets into the chiseled features of dirty-blond bad-boy Sawyer... because that will be the first thing we'll do with this game if there's any possible way to do so. That guy's such a jerk.

May 22, 2006