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21 little things that annoy us about Steam sales

When you're on vacation with no Internet access and the game you've wanted for months goes on sale

When you buy every single game in the franchise when you only actually wanted one. WHY?!

When you see an amazing deal but you imagine how much cheaper the price will be during the NEXT sale

You just bought something you KNOW you will NEVER, EVER play, and you have no idea what compelled you to do so

You bought a game when it was on sale, but none of your friends did - and now it looks like you'll be playing alone

When your console-owning friends don't care about the Steam sale, and it makes you question your friendships

Looking at your broken, battered wallet when it's all over

Thinking about how much money you could've saved if the Steam sale had existed during your entire lifetime - like it will have for some youngsters

Cursing your own indecisiveness when you can't decide if a game is reduced enough or not

Realizing that if Valve ever goes out of business, you will literally have NOTHING to show for all the thrifty bargains you bought

So you see, nothing - not even the glory that is a Steam sale - is totally perfect.

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