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Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

Asajj Ventress: Blue Shadow Virus


Special skills needed: Sith Force

Use Sith Force to grab all six pieces of trash from the various swamp water areas in the beginning, and place them on land. Then, destroy them.


Special skills needed: Force

Use the Force on the five carrots buried in the beginning swamp area. Destroy them after you pull them out.


Special skills needed: None

Smash all the blinking alarms that pop up out of the ground (five of them).


Special skills needed: Rapid Fire

Blast the gold statue in the swamp, then drive the tractor that appears over the patches of grass.


Special skills needed: Astromech

On the gunship, activate the panel to the left of the turret.


Special skills needed: Force

After you pull out the locks in the four jail cells, place them up above the cell.


Special skills needed: Bounty Hunter

Activate the two Bounty Hunter panels twice.


Special skills needed: Protocol, Force

In the middle of the tunnels, use the Protocol panel to open a secret room on the right - a bar. Inside the bar, use the Force to assemble the drink tap, slide a mug to the tap, and then slide it back to the bar patron.


Special skills needed: Small

In the final battle with the small mouse-like creature, crawl through the vent in the back. Walk over to the wall in the middle, and wall-jump up to the Minikit.


Special skills needed: None

In the final boss battle, grapple the two hooks on the ship.