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Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

Asajj Ventress: Ambush!


Special skills needed: Force

At the very beginning, attack the four engines on the escape pod, then use the Force to expose the grappling hook. Then get the hook.


Special skills needed: None

Defeat the five large crabs in the level. One is at the beginning, below the coral fence, and one is beyond the fence in the canyon. The other three are in the final area of the level, at the back of the canyon.


Special skills needed: Hover, Force

Right after you pass the coral fence, use the Force on the purple fans to the left to make them grow. Ride their air currents up to the platform, then hover across to a box. Push that box to the ground and assemble the pieces. Ride the crab that appears, and have it grab the five little crabs that are nearby.


Special skills needed: Dark Force

Near the golden coral, use the Dark Force on the Lego pieces to your left. Climb up the resulting staircase and watch as the crab sings three notes. Jump on the mushrooms in the same order.


Special skills needed: Hover

In the canyon, jump from the highest ledge and hover to the panel. Activate it, go to the cave, and grapple the giant monster's hooks.


Special skills needed: Rapid Fire, High Jump, Force

Use Rapid Fire to blast the yellow plants on the left side of the canyon. Inside the cave, use the Force on the purple ground objects, and then High Jump to the Minikit at the end.


Special skills needed: Sith Force, Rapid Fire, Explosive

Go to the right of the canyon and find the plants that have the red Sith glow. Use Sith Force to open the cave, ad inside, use the Force to connect the three purple Lego pieces in the back. To expose all the piece, you'll need to blast the silver and gold objects. Then grapple the hook that appears.


Special skills needed: Electric

Activate the electric panel near the Minikit #7 cave, assemble the pieces that appear, and then use a second character to Force you up while standing on the assembled piece.


Special skills needed: None

At the back-right of the canyon, destroy all the purple objects, and reassemble them. A crab will appear to grab the Minikit for you.


Special skills needed: Various (to enter Minikit areas from above)

Kill the five worm creatures that appear from the stick things hanging out of the ground. They can be found in the areas from Minikit #4, Minikit #7, and Minikit #9.