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Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

Asajj Ventress: The Hidden Enemy


Special skills needed: Small, Force

Before getting on the zip line, turn left and crawl through the vent. In the hidden room, move the power console to the bottom module.


Special skills needed: Small, Force, Protocol

Find the 10 purple desks throughout the level, use the Force to activate their monitors, and then destroy the monitors:

1 - At the very beginning, to the right
2 & 3 - In the hidden room from Minikit #1
4 - In the first room after the zipline
5 - The next room to your left
6 - The first room on the gunship
7 - In the room behind the Protocol panel
8 & 9 - In the first fight scene with Asajj Ventress
10 - In the second fight scene with Asajj Ventress


Special skills needed: Hover

In the second room after the zipline, jump out on the ledge and hover to the Minikit on the left.


Special skills needed: Bounty Hunter

Once you enter the droid-filled battle area, hit the Bounty Hunter panel on the lower left.


Special skills needed: Sith Force

Use the Sith Force on the four fans in this area. There is one at each corner.


Special skills needed: Sniper

Head up to the landing pad and snipe the three green targets.


Special skills needed: Protocol, Force

Once on the gunship, use the panel to the right. Inside the hidden room, use the Force to move the power supply to the middle panel, and knock out the balloon that appears.


Special skills needed: Sith Force

In the second room where you fight Asajj Ventress (the library), use the Sith Force to place the purple books back on the shelf.


Special skills needed: Sith Force

After the library scene, in the wreckage where you have to climb up the platforms, use the Sith Force on the two red panels to the sides. Drive the cars that appear back to the library, placing them on the two panels.


Special skills needed: None

In the final, free-falling battle, kill 10 battle droids.