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Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

Genosian Arena


Special skills needed: None

Grab a Reek and run toward the camera until you see five refreshment stands. Smash into all of them.


Special skills needed: Sith Force

Use the Sith Force on the two sections of the left-hand pillar in the middle of the arena. Then grapple the two hooks.


Special skills needed: Force

Use the Force to stack the purple boxes in the middle of the arena. Climb up and double-jump to reach the Minikit above.


Special skills needed: Rapid Fire, Bounty Hunter

Use Rapid Fire to destroy the five gold plates - two on the left wall, two on the right wall, and one in the secret room on the left. Use the Bounty Hunter panel to get to the secret room.


Special skills needed: Bounty Hunter

Use the Bounty Hunter panel on the left side of the arena to enter the secret room, then run on all three treadmills until they burst.


Special skills needed: Sniper

Snipe the 10 ducks that appear in the upper stands, all the way from the left of the arena to the far right side.


Special skills needed: Electric, Force

Activate the electric panel on the right side of the arena, then use the Force to push all of the robots into the newly created force field.


Special skills needed: Sith Force

Note the five patches of soil around the edges of the arena. For each of these, walk on the soil to plant the seed. Then, use Sith Force to move the plant to the pot.


Special skills needed: Small

Crawl through the hatch at the back of the arena.


Special skills needed: Rapid Fire

One of the gold plates on the right of the arena leaves a pile of rubble after being destroyed. Assembled this rubble.