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Lego Batman 2 mini-kit guide

Mission 7: Unwelcomed Guests

1: At the start of the mission, use Lex to deconstruct the circular panel in the center of the platform.

2: To the left of the previous kit, there are some flames around a bat symbol on the ground. Put them out with Superman for another to appear.

3: Fly up with Superman to find a kit above, near the cave ceiling in a cage.

4: Have Superman melt the gold plate on the ground under the Robin acrobat suit.

5: At each of the three vehicle sections, there will be a joker box to shoot that drops down. Hit all three for a kit.

6: Shoot the three Joker cards in the second section of the cave. They are out in the open, except for the second one which is behind the silver wall to the left of the area. Use Penguin or Powersuit Batman to blow up the wall to get to it.

7: To the right side of the area, melt the gold wall to find a kit behind it.

8: To the left of the T-Rex, use Lex to deconstruct the door to the room there. Fly into it once it is opened and have Man-Bat shatter the glass holding the kit.

9: Once the T-Rex is active, shoot the gold casing between its legs

10: Destroy the rocks on the right side in the final cave near the large fan and then have The Riddler open the box for the final kit.

Mission 8: Destination Metropolis

1: When you round the front of the aircraft, shoot the two gold plates on either side.

2: Once inside, smash the green box on the right side and build the lever. It will open a panel where the kit arrives.

3: Have Lex deconstruct the circular walls and two blocks on the ground behind the glass. Enter the round opening and have the two characters step on the buttons to make a kit appear at the top of the room.

4: In the room where you need to cover the kryptonite floor, use Man-Bat to fly up to the top level and shatter the glass on the left side. Enter the opening to get the kit hiding inside there.

5: Use Lex to deconstruct the box on the right side and then build the pieces with Green Lantern. Once you do, the hammer will smash the metal on the wall and reveal a kit.

6: Use the Joker to enter the doorway on the left side of the main area. Once inside, have Acrobat Robin use the mechanism along the walkway to start a game on the TV screen. Move the spaceship into the oncoming ships 10 times and a kit will appear.

7: There are three different meters that need to be destroyed to get this kit. One is in the left room, one in the right, and one in the room prior to the main area.

8: Have Lex deconstruct the padlock on the door leading to the right from the main area. Once inside, have Batman use the batarang on the 5 wall switches. When all are hit, the center dome will open letting out the kit.

9: While in the same room as the previous kit, smash the white boxes to the right side and build the shuttle there. Take a ride in it and a kit will appear.

10: in the last room of the ship with the enemy up top outside, use Lex to deconstruct the cabinet to the left. Afterwards have Superman pull the orange handle and the final kit will slide out of the wall.