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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild cooking recipes

Breath of the Wild cooking recipes

There's plenty of Breath of the Wild cooking recipes in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and you'll want to find as many BOTW recipes as you can to boost health, speed, deal with the temperature and affect many of Link's other attributes. 

To save you time experimenting we've got every single food and elixir recipe here so you can get cooking sooner. Obviously we've also got explanations of what everything does effects to help you get the best out of everything. Whatever you cook, just remember that the better the ingredients you throw in the pot, the greater the benefits will be.

One bit of good news, given all the potential ways you can use ingredients, is that the best combinations will always be prioritised. So you'll always get the best recipe from what you cook. What you can actually cook though depends on what you're cooking on. If you only have a campfire, jump to the roasted and frozen dishes section to see what you can make. The other recipes require a cooking pot, so don't bother trying to make those without one. 

There's one important rule though" insects and monster parts make elixirs, while food and seasonings make meals. Mixing them will result in failed dishes and waste your ingredients. So always keep them separate and get cooking!

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