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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: Kane & Lynch to become playable. Seriously, here's the first screenshot

Yeah, this is a thing that is happening. As part of the upcoming DLC push for their rather delightful downloadable Tomb Raider Game, Crystal Dynamics are soon to release two downloadable character packs, one of them set to comprise of everyone's favourite sociopathic heist-merchants. While it's obviously a (hopefully) last, desperate attempt on behalf of publisher Eidos to make people care about Kane& Lynch, this does bode mass comedy potential. Even better, there's also the promise of a second pack, bringing back Raziel and Kain, of the supremely why-haven't-we-got-another-sequel-yet Soul Reaver series.

There are new challenge packs coming too, but seriously, Raziel and Kain...

Anyway, here's the first, big, high-res screen of Kane and Lynch doing their Tomb Raiding thing:

Only kidding. Here they are, by way of a video leak by oneMrNightmareTM:

The video is of anunfinished version of the DLC, so we're hoping that the lack of new voices is a resultof its incomplete staterather than of lazy developers. Actually, we're not. This is hilarious, and it should stay like this. While you take all of this in, excite yourself furtherwith the first new Raziel footage you've seen in seven years:


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