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Kojima's just checking out the Last Of Us mo-cap tech & hanging with JJ Abrams

So Hideo Kojima's on a development studio world tour with Sony's Mark Cerny - which is a bit like a buddy movie that results in the next monolithic PS4 exclusive - and they've hit the ground running. The pair have already visited Sony's VASG (Visual Arts Service Group) which was responsible for all the mo-cap for The Last Of Us and The Order: 1886.

Continuing their adventures, Kojima had a full facial scan to try out the capabilities of the newest mo-cap tech on offer.

I'm not sure what he's doing below but his personal assistant has truly captured a special moment. Maybe someone asked him to talk about Konami.

And finally, just because why wouldn't you, Kojima caught up with The Force Awakens and Star Trek director JJ Abrams for a quick chat about his new studio.

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