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Kingdom Come

Fresh from the likes of Jarhead and (whisper it) Stealth, Jamie Foxx has signed up for a new political thriller.

Peter Berg, who helmed Friday Night Lights and shared the screen with Foxx on Collateral, will direct The Kingdom.

Grown from the brain-garden of Berg and producer Michael Mann, the film focuses on Foxx’s character, who is leading the hunt for those responsible for bombing American workers in the Middle East. But even though his counter-terrorism team gets help from a local police officer, they find themselves bogged down in bureaucracy and frustration, and soon find themselves in real danger.

Matthew Michael Carnahan’s writing the script, and the film plans to shoot next May. That is, if Foxx and Michael Mann can ever finish Miami Vice in time – and the Oscar winner also has to cram in a starring role in the musical Dreamgirls before Kingdom. Someone’s going to be busy…