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Joe Abercrombie Launches The Heroes With A Little Help From SFX

Fantasy author will be heading to Bath in January

Joe Abercrombie will be launching his new book The Heroes at Topping %26 Company in Bath on January 28 th 2011 with a helping hand from SFX .

The Heroes is the story of a disgraced and bloodthirsty master swordsman bent on redemption, a scheming prince and a weary soldier as they take part in an epic three day battle that will decide the fate of the North.

On the night of the launch, our glorious leader Dave Bradley will be introducing Joe, interviewing him in-store and chairing questions from the audience. Joe will also be reading from his latest effort and taking part in a signing session.

Tickets are £6 and are available from Topping and Company, and if you say you’re an SFX reader you’ll get yours for a discounted £5. The ticket is also redeemable against a copy of The Heroes should you buy it at the event.

For more information, including directions, take look here.