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Jaffe: No 3D planned for Twisted Metal PS3

The hotly anticipated new version of Twisted Metal may to astound players with its massive scope and high-def graphics, but it'll stop short of being the ultimate demo piece for forward looking PS3 tech because there won't be any 3D support.

That's the official word from series creator David Jaffe. As per usual, he's been actively discussing the game with regular, ordinary people online and addressed the issue of 3D when a NeoGAF forum user inquired.

"No 3D planned," stated Jaffe. "I don't know much about it but I am under the impression to do 3D your game has to run at 60fps, yes?"

"We are a running on a kick ass engine but with all our game design require of that engine, TMPS3 at 60fps is not going to happen," he continued.

So basically, Twisted Metal is already so awesome, going 3D would have just been epic overload.

But wait. This is David Jaffe we're talking about. And if you know anything about this crazy - but total genius - game master, it's that there's no surprise too big for him. So he did taper off saying nothing was impossible, but "I'm not holding my breath."

Somehow, even if there's no 3D, we imagine this game will still manage to make quite a splash. So there really is no reason for the game's engineers to kill themselves trying to achieve the impossible.


Dec 6, 2010