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It sure looks like a Crysis 2 remaster is on the way

The player looks through a broken, exposed wall down into the ruined streets of Manhattan
(Image credit: EA)

It looks like a Crysis 2 remaster might be on the way.

The tease came via the official Crysis 2 Twitter account, which simply tweeted "they used to call me Prophet" followed by a separate tweet that only displayed the wide eyes emoji.

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That line, of course, comes from the sequel itself and was memorably said by Crysis 2 character Major Laurence "Prophet" Barnesa.

The timing certainly makes sense, too. Crysis 2 released in 2011, which means 2021 marks the game's tenth anniversary, and interestingly, the sequel is set in 2023, three years after the events of the first Crysis game... and following the outbreak of the "Manhattan" virus and New York's subsequent fall to martial law. 

In the GamesRadar+ review of Crysis 2 back in 2011, we said: "Crysis 2 is an astounding technical achievement. It’s one of the best-looking games ever, and it knows how to bring the spectacle. Its single-player provides a playground for the joyous nanosuit powers, although some buggy AI and generic aliens keep the campaign from soaring as high as it could have. The multiplayer, meanwhile, is a fantastic buffet of playstyles that rewards the creative player."

Don't forget that the original game's remaster, Crysis Remastered, is already out now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The most recent PC update, patch 2.1.2, is now live and brings an 'Experimental Raytracing Boost' mode that will improve RT reflections with minimal impact on performance. The update also brings some bug fixes and reactivates the motion blur setting.

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