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Is Billy Crudup feeling blue?

He’s been a golden god in Almost Famous. He’s been Jesus’ Son. But if the rumour sources whispering in the ear of those boys (usually reliable types) are correct, Billy Crudup’s next big thing could be as Dr Manhattan in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen.

Chances are Snyder will be making some big announcements about the movie’s casting at this year’s Comic Con (don’t worry – we’ll have full coverage). But the big rumour now running around thanks to CHUD is that Crudup has been picked to play Dr John Osterman, a scientist who ends up irradiating himself and reassembling into Watchmen’s only actually super-powered character, Dr Manhattan. Who spends the majority of the story floating around like a big, blue demigod. Oh, and he’s naked.

More news as we get it…