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Iron Man 2 Is The Blooperfest Of 2010 So Far

The Marvel movie sequel is the most mistake-filled film of the year so far according to a list compiled by Movie Mistakes...

Here are a few of the things the site spotted in Iron Man 2 (we’re guessing there’ll be loads more spotted when the film comes out on DVD and we can all scrutinise every single shot in detail and make copious use of the freeze frame option):

  • At the beginning of the film Tony Stark is at the Expo wearing a tuxedo with a white shirt under it. When he leaves the stage and checks his blood toxicity it changes to a black shirt.
  • When Ivan is first brought to meet Hammer, Hammer is eating a dessert with a cherry on it. The cherry disappears and then reappears. The spoon also keeps swapping between being inside the food and by the saucer.
  • While Rhodey and Stark are fighting, right before the house explodes, all the guests run away. Half a second later an aerial view shows the house being blown to pieces, but not a single person or car is seen on the premises.
  • During the final aerial battle at Hammer's expo, when War Machine's suit is still compromised and he is helping Iron Man evade Whiplash's drones, Iron Man accidentally once refers to War Machine as 'Don,' as in Don Cheadle, when War Machine's name is James Rhodes.
  • At the end of the movie where Stark, Rhody and the Senator is taking a photo, Stark's hand is supposed to be behind the senator but when the scene switches to the zoomed out view, his hands are by his side and when it switches back again, his hands are behind the senator.
  • In the hidden scene the car stops and you get a flash of the front of the car the New Mexico license plate is in focus (to show were they are). However in New Mexico they only issue you one plate to be used at the rear of the car.