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International trailer for The Tall Man with Jessica Biel: watch now

The Tall Man , Pascal Laugier’s first feature since the unforgettable Martyrs , has released an international trailer online.

Jessica Biel stars as a mother who moves to Cold Rock (possibly not the best place for a parent to relocate to as it has a history of child abduction).

The mysterious Tall Man is said to come and steal away the town’s children, and it’s not clear if the fiend is human or paranormal in origin.

Laugier avoids the standard genre clichés in this trailer (there’s no big jump at the end), and instead opts for something of a mood-piece. It doesn’t look like it’ll have the gut-churning intensity of Marytrs , although there’s still enough to be intrigued by.

Watch The Tall Man trailer below:

The Tall Man is expected to open later this year.