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Amazing game crossovers imagined as striking fan art

Fantasy Street Fighter

There's something just so right about the cast of Street Fighter melded with the adventurers in Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara. And hey, Capcom made both these game series, so there's a 0.0001 percent chance of this crossover actually happening!

Artist credit: Gonzalo Arias (GENZOMAN)

Final Pokemon VII

The pairings between Cloud and company and their respective Pokemon are just too perfect--particularly the cool, calm, and collected evil experiments Mewtwo and Sephiroth. Also, note the Pokeball launcher in place of Barret's gun-arm.

Artist credit: Andrew Ryan (AndrewRyanArt)

Mario Kombat

It's like Smash Bros., but a million times more violent! You really don't want to see what happens when that get-over-here Chain Chomp makes contact with Mario's big schnoz.

Artist credit: Harebrained

Colossal Katamari

Why climb up the Colossi when you can just roll them all up into a ball? The King of All Cosmos will be most impressed. So aristocratic!

Artist credit: Simon Andersen (Snake)


In one of the many parallel universes, Clementine and Ellie are definitely best friends. It takes a special kind of young adult to hack it during a zombie apocalypse and retain some shreds of innocence.

Artist credit: Saejin Oh (Jin)

Left 4 BioShock

Looks like Elizabeth pulled the Infinite gang through the wrong rift. Luckily, they won't have to face the undead hordes empty-handed.

Artist credit: Yhrite

Assassin: Legacy

OK, so TRON isn't technically a video game property, but c'mon--the plot revolves around gaming, and it made for an excellent Kingdom Hearts world. In any case, these neon-clad Assassin outfits are too cool to pass up. And come to think of it, the Animus IS somewhat similar to Tron...

Artist credit: doubleleaf

Clearly, one of the most epic fights in all of gaming is about to break out. Which is more advantageous in a fight: a Hylian shield, or dragon shouts?

Artist credit: Dan Jones (CauseImDanJones)

Little Sister Clementine

That is, beyond a reasonable doubt, Lee Everett inside of that Big Daddy suit. Maybe Rapture was one of the last safe havens in this universe's zombie apocalypse.

Artist credit: Yhrite

Metal Gear's Creed

Here we have the latest collaboration between The Assassin Order and Maverick Security Consulting, Inc., as modeled by Raiden. The hood and scarf are mostly for show, but appreciated nonetheless.

Artist credit: Vincentius Matthew (KM33)