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How to find the pipi plant in Stranded Deep and craft a poison antidote

How to find pipi plant Stranded Deep
(Image credit: Beam Team)

Knowing where to find pipi plants in Stranded Deep is a vital skill to master if you get poisoned, which can happen very easily. Without it you can’t craft an antidote and face dwindling health, on top of hunger and thirst to deal with. It’s honestly such a pain that if you get poisoned in the first few hours of the game it’s almost worth starting over rather than trying to deal with that as everything else. And, if you need help dealing with everything else then check out our Stranded Deep tips, for some starters.  

Where to find Pipi plant in Stranded Deep

(Image credit: Beam Team)

There should be one or two pipi plants on your starter island but the problem is that they look like all the other general, round patches of ground foliage on the island. The only exception is a small, slightly yellower flower in the middle. It’s hard enough to see when it’s on sand, but even harder to spot when it’s against rocks or mixed in with grass and other plants. 

However, once you know what you’re looking for it gets easier to see. Here’s a pipi plant with the bit you can harvest highlighted:  

what a pipi plant looks like

(Image credit: Beam Team)

That little yellow shoot is the giveaway, but given how light changes over the day, and the occasionally haphazard placement of things when they spawn, it's not always obvious. You're going to have to take your time, check all the vegetation and, if you're really struggling, make sure to pass the cursor over the center of every plant cluster just in case the angle or lighting is obscuring things. 

Another tactic is to start looking at night once your eyes have adjusted. In these conditions the yellow central shoot is far more visible, making things easier to see:

pipi plant at night

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When you do find a pipi plant consider farming it as well given that they can be hard to find. If getting poisoned is a real problem for you, having a renewable source to make antidote might be handy. You'll need to make a hoe to enable farming, and then a Farm Plot  to grow it in, plus you will need a good supply of water to keep it alive, but it might be worth it in the long run (a metal farm uses less water if you get lucky with resources). 

(Image credit: Beam Team)

You'll need two pipi plants to craft the antidote along with a coconut flask which you can make from a coconut and bindings. It's a Craftsmanship Level 3 item though so you'll have to keep making things to unlock it. It also means that you've, at best, got on poison cure on your starter island, so you will have to head out other islands for more if you're not growing it. Look for islands with large rocks for a good indication of whether pipi will spawn there. 

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