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Homefront newspaper guide

Heartland (13 Newspapers)

1. Once you’ve taken out the first batch of rednecks one will start firing down at you with a rocket launcher. This is a pretty good chance for you to go for this collectible. Run towards the house on your right but don’t enter it. Instead walk straight past the house and take a right around it, hugging the wall.

2. The next two papers are in the same area but you shouldn’t go for them until the enemies have been handled or you risk being hit by a rocket. From the entrance to the house that held the last collectible face out the door. You should see an American flag hanging on a wooden building, head over there and go inside to find this sitting on a bench made of wood and cinder blocks.

3. Leave the building after getting #2 and turn to your left. There’s a narrow dirt path that will lead you to another wooden building. Go inside and look behind the chair to find this paper.

4. Now begins the sniper part of this mission. As you go up the path you will see a red barn. Watch your left hand side for this paper, it’s lying near the bushes by a fence that appears part way up the trail.

5. As Connor is talking about the how prepared the rednecks are look to the right side of the path. In the shack here you will see the next paper lying on the ground.

6. You’re going to be exploring the stage for a long bit before you come across this one. Shortly past the “Digging his own grave” scene you will pass through a house. Go in through the window, stab the guard in the back and go towards the exit. Look to your left here you will see the paper on a low shelf.

7. After getting #6 you must kill an RPG soldier on a windmill. Your squad will then run forward, staying off the road, and drop down near the river. This leaves you near a bunch of cars. Look into the foliage to the right just after dropping down to find this paper fairly well concealed.

8. The squad will move along the river for a bit until they come across hanging Korean bodies. Past this you will ambush some more of the survivalists and then move on. Don’t rush off just yet though. Turn to the left and look past the heads on pikes to see a mobile home. Go up the hill towards the front door and you will find this paper on the dirt near the steps. It’s partially hidden by a white lawn chair.

9. Just after #8 you will come upon a crashed helicopter, the same one that was shot out of the sky earlier. Fight both the KPR and the survivalists until you clear out at least the immediate area. From the spot you entered this area go to the left, towards the wall, and over to the shack here. The paper is on the ground near some metal drums.

10. Almost immediately after #9 you will be in a large circular area with a number of enemies attacking from both on the ground and up on top of the buildings. Clear this area out so you can continue forward. As you go up the path look to your right to see a greyish and red house, the collectible is nearby the wall of this house and the sandbags.

11. Past #10 you will be approaching a church up on top of a hill. As you near it watch to your left for a small cemetery. You should see some heads on pikes here, go near them and look for the piece of fence that’s been knocked over. The paper is on top of this piece of fence.

12. When your group splits off from you run up the hill towards the church. Kill the two survivalists here and turn to the right. This newspaper is on the ground near the scaffold in the corner.

13. After sniping from the church bell tower for a bit you will be shot by an RPG. Jump from the tower using the prompt and then make your way down to ground level. From here turn to your right and go all the way to the end over here. The newspaper is lying out on the ground near the fence by the red truck.