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Hitman 3 roadmap introduces a new Elusive Target and free locations

Hitman 3 The Iconoclast
(Image credit: IO Interactive)

The Hitman 3 roadmap for the Season of Pride comes complete with free new events and updates as well as paid additions from the Seven Deadly Sins DLC through June 13.

Developers IO Interactive already gave us a look at what Pride means for Agent 47: escalations across Chongqing, gaudy suits and sniper rifles, and a brand new sword to mercilessly buckle your targets' swashes. But even if you're only playing with the content available in the base game - or just the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack - you'll still find plenty of fresh opportunities.

The main event for this month is the second all-new Elusive Target for Hitman 3, The Iconoclast. This fellow assassin is headed to Mendoza to court some new clients after making an enemy of her handler, and it's up to 47 to show her why it's never a good idea to betray a business relationship in this particular profession. She'll be available from Wednesday, May 12 to Monday, May 24, giving you a little extra time to plot out a proper end for your colleague in the field. 

Later on in the season, The Black Hat Elusive Target from the first Hitman will return to Paris - and since Paris will be available in the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack from May 28 to June 6, free players will be able to take on the target as well. Here's the full list of Hitman 3 Season of Pride content from IO.

  • Act 2: Pride / Seven Deadly Sins DLC
  • The Sebastian Principle / Tutorial Escalation
  • The Pasqual Consortium / Escalation
  • The Iconoclast (Mendoza) / Elusive Target
  • Spawn On Me / Featured Contracts
  • The Black Hat (Paris) / Elusive Target
  • Hitman Community / Featured Contracts
  • Location Rotation: Paris
  • Location Rotation: Sapienza (The Icon)

Even as it keeps new and returning missions pouring into Hitman 3, IO Interactive may be working on a new fantasy exclusive for Xbox.

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