Heroes, Primeval, Battlestar Galactica and Merlin panels from London Expo

Cheers to our chums Barry and David at Geek Syndicate who have given us the following links to various panels and press conferences that took place at the London Expo last weekend.

For the Heroes panel and press conference (Greg Grunberg, Brea Grant, David H Lawrence and Ken Lally) click here

For the Merlin panel (featuring show creator Johnny Capps, lead actors Colin Morgan & Bradley James and story editor Polly Buckle and press conference click here

For the Primeval press conference (featuring Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee Potts, Lucy Brown and show creators Tim Haines and Andrian Hodges) click here

For the Battlestar press conference (featuring Michael Hogan) click here

In addition, on the Primeval Panel (which the guys didn’t record), Adrian Hodges dropped some tantalising hints about Primeval going global. Proudly announcing that Primeval is now the second most successful show ever on BBC America, he suggested that in future we might see Primeval set in other countries, with maybe even different teams fighting dinosaurs in other locations. He refused to be drawn, though, on whether this meant spin-off series.