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Hawkeye unveils first Captain America: Civil War concept art

A crop of new concept art for Captain America: Civil War arrives today courtesy of Jeremy Renner, aka the Avengers' marksman Clint "Hawkeye" Barton, and CBM. If you were hoping to walk into the theater next May without a scrap of knowledge on the movie, then we'd advise you turn away now, as this trio of pics is laden with spoilers.

As outlined in the film's official synopsis, the third outing for Cap revolves around a popular storyline that dominated the Marvel comics universe between 2006 and 2007, in which Steve Rogers and Tony Stark come to blows on either side of the Superhero Registration Act. Tony supports the idea, whereas Cap is against it. The pair head up two sparring factions of superheroes, and by the looks of these snaps, we now know who's on which team:

Stark's side includes Black Panther, War Machine, The Vision, and oddly enough Black Widow, who stayed to help Cap kickstart Avengers 2.0 at the end of Age Of Ultron. Meanwhile, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, The Falcon, Bucky Barnes, and Sharon Carter make up Cap's team. There are no glimpses of Scarlet Witch or Spider-Man - who we know fights on Team Stark - but there's a lot to pore over in terms of updated costumes.

Speaking of which, Renner's Twitter post today shows the keen archer in a brand new outfit without his trademark eye mask. The purple threads are a neat throwback to Hawkeye's appearance in the comic:

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