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Halo: Reach Data Pad location guide

Mission: New Alexandria
(Legendary Difficulty)

Start the mission, and spin the camera around 180 degrees. See the skyscraper behind you, with the striped windows? Fly towards that.

Start dropping altitude - the sixteenth data pad is near the very bottom of the building, so close to the cloud layer that you’ll hear a danger warning.

Watch for the data pad on the window sill, near the left side of the building. You’ll need to jam the nose of your falcon right up against the windows, then abandon ship - jump out of the cockpit and do your best to land on the ledge before the vehicle drags you down with it.

Mission: The Package
(Legendary Difficulty)

Skip the rest of the mission. Rally Point Bravo will take you exactly where you need to go - the underground cavern where you must defend Dr. Halsey’s secret lab.

Instead of worrying about enemies, race to the outside of the lab and grab a jetpack, then race back in the direction you came from. Don’t go up the ramp, though... make your way through the rocks pictured below until you reach a small glass structure behind a turret. This is where you’ll embark on a very long, very precarious jetpack ride.

Use your jetpack fuel sparingly on this trip across the chasm, and you should make it to the seventeenth data pad waiting on the other side.

Mission: The Pillar of Autumn
(Legendary Difficulty)

Survive through the first gigantic shipyard building and you’re almost done. As you approach the second gigantic building - preferably by moving along the connecting conveyor belt - look for the eighteenth data pad on the roof, way over to the right. You can grab it without having to fight a single enemy.

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