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Halo: Reach Data Pad location guide

Mission: Winter Contingency
(Legendary Difficulty)

By far, the hardest data pad to collect in Halo: Reach. As soon as the mission begins, an invisible Covenant Elite - with the tenth data pad strapped to his back - will begin running from the circular base below you. You have to catch up and shoot him before he disappears completely. Jump out of the Falcon and immediately race downhill, through the tiered farm fields. Use the Sprint ability once or twice to close the gap before firing.

Once you feel comfortably within range, switch to your pistol and make... every... bullet... COUNT. Aim for the head, and switch back to your assault rifle instead of reloading your pistol. If you have a co-op partner, take turns shooting and reloading so that the Elite is ALWAYS losing health.

If he makes it around the corner with the ostrich-like creatures, he’s almost gone. Use one last Sprint and hope for the best. Otherwise, restart the mission - you can skip the cutscene, but yep, you’ll have to watch that Falcon land again every single time. Stay calm, and good luck!

Mission: ONI: Sword Base
(Legendary Difficulty)

When you first receive the Warthog, you’ll be given two possible destinations: a comm array or an artillery gun. Head for the comm array to the east - it’s a left turn if you’re facing the cliff. This is the landmark you’re looking for...

Clear the area of enemies, then climb stairs to the roof of the building pictured. You’ll find a broken bridge connecting the structure to the nearby mountain - use Sprint to jump the gap. It may take you several tries, which is why you want to kill all the Covenant beforehand.

Made it? Walk forward across the rocks and you’ll see the eleventh data pad.

Mission: Nightfall
(Legendary Difficulty)

Load up Rally Point Alpha and fight - or run - through the mission until you reach the section pictured below. It’s immediately after you encounter the planet’s indigenous troll creatures, and immediately before rendezvousing with some friendly troops. Skip the combat here and enter the empty riverbed with glowing green lights on either side.

Look for a small rock on the right side, and jump on top. The rest of the path is fairly obvious, but also very lengthy and windy, so definitely watch our video. You’ll need to climb up and down several more rocks, as well as leap over a couple gaps.

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