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Halo Infinite multiplayer customization includes weapons, armor, and the Spartan inside that armor

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Halo Infinite multiplayer will have extensive customization that includes a personal AI, weapons and vehicle changes, and the ability to customize your Spartan.

The Halo Infinite multiplayer overview that debuted as part of E3 2021 details all of the ways you'll be able to make your Spartan, your weapons, and your vehicles an extension of your personality. Halo Infinite will have personal AI that gives players information throughout a multiplayer match, offering moment-to-moment updates that will help you keep tabs on what's going on in the battle around you. You'll be able to choose your own AI from a selection of different voices, loading them into your helmet just like Master Chief does with Cortana.

As for armor customization, the options are endless: day one customization content "ensures that there will be millions" of combinations for your Spartans, according to live design director Ryan Paradis. "That includes things like armor coatings, armor emblems, various armor effects, down to the individual armor pieces, so your shoulders, your gloves, your kneepads, your helmet, your visor, your helmet attachments." You'll be able to customize your Spartan in-game and on the Halo Waypoint app, as well. Sounds like a great way to spend a bathroom break...

Halo Infinite will let you customize your weapons and your vehicles, as well - but keep in mind that all of the options are purely cosmetic. Plus, with the Halo Infinite Battle Pass never expiring, you'll be able to unlock tons of customization options just by playing the game, with no time limit looming overhead. And remember, Halo Infinite will have Destiny 2-style shaders, or coatings, for the first time ever. This will let you craft "hyper-polished looks" as opposed to the pink and green watermelon monstrosity I used to rock in Halo 3. 

But perhaps what is the coolest customization addition in Halo Infinite is how much you can change up your Spartan, the soldier within the armor. We want the Spartan to represent the player as much as possible, says lead player investment designer Christopher Blohm. "They can change their body type and their voice, as well as choose prosthetics for the first time." This is a lovely little inclusivity addition that will get many Halo fans excited. 

Halo Infinite is set to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, all via Xbox Game Pass this Holiday 2021. 

The Halo Infinite release date apparently leaked yesterday, but it's likely an error. 

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