GTA IV: Find all pigeons, stunt jumps, hidden weapons and more

Toview the following maps in full-screen, printable size,head here. Choose the map you want and click "Supersize."

This is essentialGrand Theft Auto IVinfo for all completist gamers. If you want to get the most out of Liberty City, simply visit a tw@ internet café (there's one in Outlook, Broker), log on to a computer and enter the following web address:

A quick browse of the website reveals a selection of maps, showing the location of such delights as hidden weapons, friends, pigeons and stunt jumps. Unfortunately, trudging to a tw@ café every time you want to reference the maps is a pain in the anus. To make things a tad easier, we've screen grabbed each of the maps for you here. So, fill your eyes, explore Liberty and kill pigeons.

Pigeon map #01

Pigeon map #02

Hidden weapons


Sick freaks to avoid (?)


Text message cars

Fun with friends

Stunt jumps