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See insanely high-res photos of the 20th Anniversary PS4

We're officially geeking out. Sony was kind enough to send over one of those splendid new PS4 20th Anniversary Edition packages, so we couldn't help but photograph the hell out of the thing so you could get a closer look. And by close, we mean 5532x3892 images. This slick PS4 model sports the same electronics-grey of the original console - and if you look closely, you can even see the PlayStation face button symbols etched into the matte part of the console's top. It also comes with a vertical stand to keep it from falling over and chipping that lovely finish.

No classy special edition is complete without a matching controller, and the PS4 20th Anniversary Edition comes with a pad that's almost too cool to button mash: a homage DualShock 4, done up in two-tone grey with a symbol-etched touchpad. The PS button - which, as you may recall, was not present on the original PlayStation's controllers - is even brought in line with the familiar four-color logo. Said logo also brightens up the special edition system. All that stark grey plastic with a joyful little heart of color… they just don't make consoles like this any more. At least, not many of them. Scroll down to get a closer look, and be sure to click on an image for the super high-res version. And apologies in advance if your internet can't handle all the awesomeness.