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Gran Turismo 6 Coffee Break Challenges Guide

International B Series - Coffee Break Challenge #7

Cone Challenge Trial 4

We’re back to the cones! This time, your weapon of choice is a gorgeous 2007 Mazda Roadster RS, quite an amazing machine. You’ve got all of 33 seconds to knock down all 120 cones to get Gold.

The biggest key to remember and execute is that you can’t go too fast. Never get past third gear, and for the majority of the time you’ll stay in second. This challenge is all about careful, thoughtful execution. The good thing is that you’re on a defined path, so you don’t have to do geometry in your head. Everything is at the tips of your fingers.

At the start, you’re placed on a direct path buffeted by mats. Cruise through them in the mid 30-MPH range, topping out at around 42 MPH or so as you exit to stay on a winning path. Once you’re past those, you can crank it up a notch to 48 until you hit the turn; time to reel it in a bit. Let yourself ease into the low 30-MPH range as you wind around the long, lazy circle of cones. The whole time you should be in 2nd gear.

As you hit the straightaway at about the 70 cone mark, you should open it up just a bit in order to stay in the right time frame. As you pass through the next series of mats midway through the straight, you should be in 3rd gear and at about 50 MPH; right after the mats is where you brake and dial it back down. When you start the turn here at about the 85 cone mark, bring it back to 1st gear and the low 20’s to make it around the next long curve.

After this final curve, it’s time to open it up. There’s nothing left but a straightaway and a giant, satisfying cluster of cones awaiting at the very end. Smash into them and claim your Gold medal!

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