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Ghost of Tsushima patch notes: Traveler's Attire changes and even more large text

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The Ghost of Tsushima patch notes for its second post-release update are here, bringing in some handy improvements to the workhorse of Jin's wardrobe.

The main change to gameplay is a clutch revision for the Traveler's Attire. The outfit alerts you to the proximity of nearby collectibles with a controller rumble that grows more frequent the closer you are. After the update, the Traveler's Attire will also include options for visual and audio cues to make it easier to tell when you're near a pick-up. No changes have been made to the cloak that perpetually billows in the wind, which is good, because it was already absolutely perfect.

Ghost of Tsushima update 1.06 also makes the new Large Text accessibility option, which was introduced in the last update, cover more types of text in the game. Those are the two main changes in the latest Ghost of Tsushima patch notes aside from bug fixes. They aren't quite as exciting as adding Ghost of Tsushima Lethal mode, but that's OK.

Here are the new Ghost of Tsushima patch notes, straight from developer Sucker Punch's official site

 Ghost of Tsushima patch notes for version 1.06 

Traveler’s Attire

– The Traveler’s Attire has been enhanced to add new visual and audio cues hinting at nearby collectibles. These cues can replace or augment controller vibration in order to offer a better, more accessible experience


– Expanded Large Text accessibility option to also include additional prompts and objective text

Bug Fixes

– Addressed a bug where users could encounter a black screen preventing progress in certain tales

– Addressed a bug where users could become stuck in some Yarikawa tales

– Additional bug and crash fixes

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