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Get a PS4 Pro 1TB, Death Stranding, Into The Spider-Verse and a spare controller for £329, saving £77

PS4 Pro 1TB, Death Stranding, Into The Spider-Verse and a spare controller
(Image credit: Sony)

If you fancy Death Stranding, a PS4 Pro 1TB to play it on, an Into the Spider-Verse Blu-Ray and a spare controllers and saving £76 (opens in new tab) , then this is the deal for you. Okay, it's a fairly specific deal but all of it's good, so if any of those things are on your list then it's a great bundle. 

It's a mix your own deal as well so you could swap out Death Stranding for God of War, Detroit: Become Human, Marvel's Spider-Man or Concrete Genie if you'd prefer. There's also Spider-Man: Homecoming and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle for alternate movie options, and six controller colours to choose from.

If you're in a committed Sony mood then we've also got the official PlayStation Black Friday line-up (opens in new tab) to take a look at, as well as some PS4 external hard drives and PS4 accessories. And, if you just want a good idea of what else is out there, then check our Black Friday game deals (opens in new tab).  

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