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The funniest video game eCards

The brutal truth

We all like a laugh now and again. Whether it's through watching amusing videos of people falling off walls and screaming in pain, or just by telling the odd--vastly inappropriate--joke, laugher makes the world go round. Or is that cruelty? I can never remember. Anyway, one guaranteed source of amusement is Someecards, which lets you grab a piece of stock imagery and write a hilarious message to friends, family, and random people on the internet.

So, because it's a weekend, I've trawled the internet for the funniest video game related eCards. Some are satirical, others just amusing, but there's definitely something here for everyone. Want to pretend you're as funny as the folk who made these? Just download your favourite image and send to a friend accompanied by your own personal, abusive greeting.


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Chet Manly
Chet cut his gaming teeth on PSone, then advocated multi-console love before it was cool to do so. He still claims Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is the best game ever made, and swears he can "do all the tricks for real".