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Where are the best Fortnite llama locations?

Fortnite llamas

If you've had any sort of interaction with the world of Fortnite, then you should instantly recognise the iconic colourful piñatas that are Fortnite llamas and have become a well known symbol of the game. Officially recognised as 'Supply Llamas' within Fortnite, these rare crafted creatures are full to the brim with building materials, traps, and other supplies - though they're not offensive so you won't find any weapons spilling out from them, as that's not how they roll.

While exploring in Fortnite Playground Mode you'll notice that Fortnite llamas are everywhere, but they're much harder to find in a competitive match due to there only being three that spawn in total. Unlike the Supply Drops that are parachuted in as matches progress, Supply Llamas are present from the very beginning of the round and can be stashed anywhere on the island - even up trees! Although these locations are basically random for every match, some players believe that certain areas are more like to yield this reward than others. We've investigated and identified the best Fortnite llama locations, or at least the places we found were most likely for them to pop up on the island.

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  • Pleasant Park (C4) - outside a house on the border between C3 and C4
  • North of Loot Lake (E4) - in the northwest corner
  • Lazy Lagoon (G3) - near the Tomato Temple ruin
  • South of the Volcano lava (H5)
  • North of Polar Peak (C7)
  • South of Neo Tilted (D6) - on the far eastern side near the border with E6
  • North of Fatal Fields (F7) - on the border between F8 and F7
  • South of Salty Springs (F7) - on the border between F7 and F8
  • West of Fatal Fields (F8)
  • East of Salty Springs (G7) - in the southeast corner between G7 and H7
  • East of Mega Mall (I6) - seems like the best place so far as there are two potential spawn locations here
  • South/Southeast of Paradise Palms (I8) - another location we've found two spawns between I8 and I9

So those are the Fortnite llama locations that have worked for us - if you find any others then let us know in the comments. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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