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First details on 360, PS3 Stuntman

The first details have emerged on Stuntman: Ignition, the sequel to the PS2 original previously published by Atari.

The premise for the new Stuntman has essentially remained the same. As a Hollywood stunt driver you're tasked with performing action-packed film sequences with your precision driving skills, dragging your career higher the more spectacular your stunts are. Over 25 vehicles are promised for the PS3, 360 and PS2 sequel, and 36 stunt runs spread across six themed films and commercials, reports IGN.

The most interesting part of Stuntman 2, however, appears to be the online mode, which lets you challenge up to eight other stuntmen and steal stunts from them in multiplayer arenas. With the stunt construction toolkit you can also plan out your own stunts online and see if anyone can meet your challenge, or miss the mark and crash in to a house like some kind of stuntman nancy.