Finally: Decent Lost Odyssey DLC

Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey sees some decent download content -the 'Seeker of the Deep' Dungeon Pack is out on Xbox Live this weekend for 400 Microsoft points (about three quid or around $6).

The pack was released in Japan last month, while we had to make do with the comparatively rubbish 'Triple Pack,' which had you pay for three items that let you replay game scenes and read obscene amounts of text. Whoopty-do.

Assuming the Dungeon Pack is the same as the Japanese version, you can expect a single rare item and a new boss encounter at the end.

To get to the dungeon, says Microsoft: "download the DLC pack. Then, once the Nautilus can fly, fly to the centre of the gulf on the right of the inland sea on the north of the Tower of Mirrors (near Saman, the City of Merchants), and dive into the water. When the game displays either "Examine" or "Enter" at the bottom right corner of the screen, press the A button, and delve into the Seeker of the Deep!" How can you miss that?

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Courtesy of CVG.

May 20, 2008