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Final Viewing Figures Add 2 Million To Eleventh Hour

The official final viewing figures for “The Eleventh Hour” is a massive 10.08 million

The final viewing figures for Matt Smith’s first adventure as the Doctor – which include people who recorded the episode to view later – have added over two million to the overnight figure, meaning that “The Eleventh Hour” was watched by 10.08 million.

That is a massive time shift, reflecting how much viewing habits have changed in the past five years. “Rose” the first episode of New Who , had an overnight figure of 9.9 million and a final viewing figure of 10.8 million, an increase of less than a million. This timeshifted figure for “The Eleventh Hour” also means that it’s the most-watched Doctor Who season premiere since “Rose” and the eighth most watched episode of Doctor Who since the show returned in 2005.

9.59 million watched on BBC1, making it the second most watched show on the channel for the week and the fourth most watched show on any channel. An additional 494,000 watched on or recorded the show from BBC HD, making “The Eleventh Hour” the third most TV of the week, beaten only by two episodes of Coronation Street .

Most Watched New Who Episodes
(by final viewing figures, including HD figures where relevant)

1 Voyage Of The Damned - 13.31 million
2 The Next Doctor - 13.10 million
3 The End Of Time Part Two - 12.18 million
4 The End Of Time Part One - 11.91 million
5 Rose - 10.81 million
6 Journey’s End - 10.57 million
7 The Waters Of Mars - 10.32 million
8 The Eleventh Hour - 10.08 million
9 The Christmas Invasion - 9.84 milllion
10 Planet Of The Dead - 9.74 million