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Final Fantasy Agito XIII will have 'unique' multiplayer, still exists

Do you remember a little game Square Enix announced a thousand years ago called Final Fantasy Agito XIII? Guess what! We have some new details to share about it. Crazy, we know, butAgito is definitely still in the works...

For those not in the know, when Square Enix first announced Final Fantasy XIII, it also revealed two other games called Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII, but ever since that very introductory announcement, we hardly ever heard anything about Versus, and nearly forgot about Agito.

But now, Square Enix has broken its silence in an interview with Famitsu. Director Hajime Tabata was asked about the progress of Agito, which is being developed for mobile phones and the PSP.

"Development’s going along smoothly, and it’s going to be a really intense game, the sort where you’re using the Fire spell like a gun in a shooter," he said.

Tabataalso talked briefly about the multiplayer aspect of the game, and since he's a Square Enix employee, he had to be cryptic about it -that must be in their contracts or something.

"Agito XIII isn’t going to be the typical kind of multiplayer game where people gather around and play together. It’ll have something unique and exclusive to itself."

So now we have more questions, and still no real answers, except that... the game's still being made. So there's that!


Dec 9, 2010