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Fez Anti-Cube locations guide

27: Clock Tower Blue Hand Anti-Cube

For the second Anti-Cube of the clock tower, turn the perspective to show the blue hand of the clock. The blue hand moves in minute intervals, so it will take an hour to make a full rotation. When the hand reaches 12 o'clock, it too will make an Anti-Cube appear on one of the platforms next to the clock.

28: Clock Tower Green Hand Anti-Cube

Make your way to the top of the clock tower and turn the perspective to show the green hand of the clock. The green hand moves in hourly intervals, so if it’s very far off from the 12 o’clock position, you can exit out of the game and disconnect from LIVE/PSN to set the system time a couple hours ahead to wherever you need to for the green hand to land on the 12 o’clock position. Once it hits it, another Anti-Cube will appear beside the clock.

 29: Clock Tower Grey Hand Anti-Cube

Make your way to the top of the clock tower for the final Anti-Cube that can be garnered from the clock. When you reach the top of the clock, turn the perspective to show the grey hand of the clock. Like the green hand, you will most likely need to set the system date while going offline and set the date a few days ahead. Load up the game to check the hand to see how far it has moved. If it is still not near the 12 o’clock position, go back and fiddle with the date and time some more to have the Anti-Cube appear.

30: Bell Tower Anti-Cube

When you climb to the top of the bell tower, you will see that the bell has a marking on each side. These are the indicators of how many times each side needs to be rung. The side with a symbol that looks like a U is 1, the side with the four dots is 10 times, the side with the one dot in the top right corner is 3 times, and the side with the symbol that looks like an eight is rung 6 times. When you have done that, the bell will disappear and the Anti-Cube will show up.

31: Floating Island Treasure Chest Anti-Cube

This Anti-Cube can be found in the floating treasure chest that is located in the area directly above the forest area with the hut. When you enter it, use the treasure map found in the chest on the floating island on the main warp hub just south of the telescope, and look for the invisible platforms. Turn the area to match the image on the map and hop your way up. When you reach the top, you can open the chest and nab another treasure map which is a QR code. Enter: R, R, R, L, R, R, R, L which the code reads to receive the Anti-Cube.

32: Four Tetromino Blocks Anti-Cube

For this puzzle, you need to line up the blocks on the pink light areas to match the symbol shown on the wall. To get the blocks up to the platform, pick them up and then jump and toss them over. Once they are all up, stack the middle one and then line it up on all sides to match the symbols on each wall. When it is in place, put the other blocks on the pink lights and the Anti-Cube will appear.